Haraldur Karlsson


Haraldur Karlsson (1967, Reykjavik, Iceland) grow up with horses and bad weather working with farmers in north Iceland and as sailor around Iceland and cross-atlantic.

Haraldur holds a diploma in Mixed-Media from the Icelandic art school in Reykjavik and BA diploma in Media-Art from AKI Enchede, Holland. Further to this he studied Sonology over 3 years in the Royal Conservatorium Den Haag under the guidance of professor Clarence Barlow. For many years Karlsson worked at the Icelandic Academy of Arts as the head of Media-Lab, which he had designed. Karlsson has had exhibitions, performances and lectures in Iceland, Holland, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, Finland and Norway. He is currently based in Oslo and works on several video-art commissions.

Haraldur is mainly focused on interactive audio/video/3D installations and performances, and instrumental computer controllers. His fire instrument “TFI” is part of the Little Solar System“LSS“ navigation system that is an audio/video/3D performance . TFI two early stages have been under development during residencies at STEIM and Atelier Nord. Now the third version is in development. The goal of LSS and its instruments is to holographed in visual and musical expressions.

More info is available on his website www.haraldur.net


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