Monika Fryčová


Monika Fryčová *1983 (Czechoslovakia)
Audiovisual artist, performer, writer
Lives and works in Iceland, Czech Republic, Portugal
Member of SÍM ( The association of Icelandic visual artists)

Master’s degree from the Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, Atelier of Video, Czech Republic (2010).
She studied in Academy of Arts in Reykjavík (2006) Iceland and independently in California/Mexico (2004/5)
From 2013 PhD. studies /Thematic Area: Spiritual identity in contemporary art as public space / The Artist as Ethnographer
Fryčová works with any sort of media and techniques including performance art, video, photography, installation art
experimental sound, performance scripts, chronicles and poetry. She frequently deals with untranslatable experiences,
trying to per/form under their own rhythms – the HERE and the NOW – the search for the primal source
constantly found, only to be deserted again. In her work is evident behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems,
the relationships between the seen and the indicated (unseen), constantly in motion and ephemeral, via symbols,
aesthetics and the lens of history, she is casting it forth again to re-enter the physical world in the form of art.
She tries to discover poetic and biased formula of social, artistic and spiritual questions. Fryčová has been exploring
intercultural issues and border culture, exotic minorities and experimental languages. Her research now speculates
upon the less charted regions of human existence: principles of chaos, intuition, perceptions and mythology.
Since 2003 developing, touring her independent work – involved in different collaborative projects
(CERN/ Geneva;5th ALT SILL Silver Lake /Hollywood; Santa Monica/LA; Kling & Bang/ Reykjavik;
European Pépinières/Luxemburg; ELIA/Amesterdam; SPOR/ Aarhus; Ammassalik/Greenland;
Dorothea Schlueter/ Hamburg; Okuparte/ Huesca; Thorstrasse 111/Berlin; Santra Putra/Bali; Kit/Trondheim;
ZDB Negócio/Lisbon; Amorphy/Athens; Egon Schiele c. /Český Krumlov; Essel Award NG/Prague;
KUNSTRAUM Düsseldorf; Triangle Network London/Lisbon; PARTAGE/Mauritius; Art Festival Reykjavík etc.)
In recent years she has been focused on Iceland due to its intense confrontations of the elements
and unique meetings, as a curator of few international projects mainly Czech – Icelandic
(ISLANDIA, NoD, gallery SKOLSKA28/Prague, OPEN SPRINGS/Reykjavik, Untitled Festival/Bildudalur,
DIRECTRIX with E. Isleifsdottir etc.)
Currently works on permanent project Fantasy versus Discipline and organizes intercultural dialogue between
Iceland, Portugal and Czech Republic.

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